Real Estate Professionals,

"How To Become Top Of Mind With Prospective Buyers And Sellers
By Farming Your Neighborhood Using Social Media"

As you know, the Internet and social media are game-changers for the Real Estate industry.

Facebook...Wordpress...Twitter...Zillow...Trulia...RealEstateABC....all of these were practically unheard of a few years ago, and now they are - or should be - a key part of your marketing plan.

It seems as though every agent has a web site, Facebook page, blog... pretty much making the same claims they always have: "Everything We Touch Turns To SOLD"... A HouseSOLD Name in Real Estate"..."Experience And Integrity"....

Fancy slogans and fancy web sites may have been differentiating factors twenty years ago.

Not any more. With a few mouse clicks, a prospective client can find dozens of similar sites for any town with more than a few thousand homes.

But in the midst of all this online noise, the traditional "old school" ways still have value. Farming a carefully-selected neighborhood - showing (not telling) prospects why you're an agent who really cares about your chosen market - is still a key strategy for success.

Putting the two together - using online techniques to farm your chosen neighborhood - combines the best of the old and the new. In the 21st Century, a winning marketing and branding strategy includes both online and offline components, to form a multi-faceted "plan of attack" that touches all aspects of your target market.

In this report, you'll learn about a simple strategy to build goodwill with potential buyers, current residents, and local merchants alike. Not only that, it complements your other marketing efforts, runs practically on "autopilot", and is ridiculously inexpensive compared to offline methods.

You'll also learn how a Scottsdale, AZ REALTOR® is using this online strategy to build strong relationships with his target market and position himself as the "go-to guy" for his target neighborhoods.

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